Cosmetic Teeth Covers: Uses

Cosmetic teeth covers are used in order to cover old teeth with new and fake ones. This way, the old teeth that have probably decayed will not be seen and you would be able to flaunt your pearly whites again. People would rather use this method instead of taking their teeth off and undergoing dentures or implants. This may be due to the lesser cost and the accessibility of these teeth covers as they can be bought over the counter.

Cosmetic Teeth CoversThere are two types of teeth covers. The first one is usually bought from a dentist who will immediately put them on your mouth. These types of cosmetic teeth covers look real and professional. The second type is bought over the counter and can be installed right away. The outcome of such type of teeth covers is varied and this usually depends on the kind of teeth you have and the teeth cover you bought.

Cosmetic Teeth Covers –Its Costs

The cost of these cosmetic teeth covers usually differ from where they were bought. You can find those that cost below $50. You can also find them online. With such an amount, the teeth covers you have will not really last long. If you want durable teeth covers, it is best to go to the dentist and get them from him or her. You can also get online reviews about the best teeth covers and their price. You can also learn a lot from the testimonies of customers who were able to use various cosmetic teeth covers.

Dentist’s Advice on Cosmetic Teeth Covers

It is still recommended to visit your dentist and ask advice about teeth covers. Since he knows your teeth, he would be able to install one on you that will fit your teeth structure well. He would approve of you wearing them if he would be the one to fit them on you due to his experience on studying and caring for your teeth. It is therefore recommended to follow his advice about the installation of cosmetic teeth covers.

A disadvantage of these teeth covers is when you eat and food gets stuck in them. This will promote tooth decay which can then cause other problems of your mouth. That is why your dentist may not approve of having you put on cosmetic teeth covers. He may insist on other products to cover decaying teeth such as snap on teeth, mini implants for dentures or tooth implants.

If ever you lost a tooth, a mini implant will fill the gap created by that missing tooth. Mini implants are sturdy just like full implants. These are actually permanent and a creative way of replacing gone teeth. They last forever and look so genuine. Teeth implantation has no hassles but if you are a person who has restrictions or apprehensions about undergoing surgery, you must think carefully about this first. You need to research about this procedure and inquire more about it from your dentist. If you are not a good candidate for teeth implantation, you can always go for cosmetic teeth covers.

Tooth implant problems can occur as this is a surgical method. One of the problems is infection in the implantation area. Another one is nerve damage which can lead to pain, discomfort in the gums or lips, and numbness.

Good snap on cosmetic teeth covers are safer alternatives and the more expensive ones at around $1500 can last for five years or more.

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